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Increase stability and balance
Maintain strength
Gain flexibility
“Recently, I had my first session with Kevin, and it was amazing. Very professional, and covered the science side of MAT in a very understandable way. After just an hour and a half he did a full lower body check-up, and gave me some exercises to work on during my time at home. After working these exercises, my lower back pain (which had been persistent for over 10 years) completely went away.”
Relieve sore and tight muscles
Improve range of motion

Scientifically proven to relieve pain

If muscle deterioration, joint pain or overall joint stiffness is hindering your quality of life then MAT® is for you. Fitness-Tek uses Muscle Activation Techniques to deliver a customized strengthening program built around YOU. We use a scientific approach to identify the root of the problem and create the proper rehabilitation and strengthening program for YOUR specific weakness. From professional athletes to accident victims, our clients have not only seen improved health but have also successfully reached their fitness goal and become pain free!

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