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Fitness-Tek is the community development hub for Greg Roskopfs’ Muscle Activation Techniques™ in the Tampa Metro Area, only one of two in all of Florida. We are the one and only  provider of the “Muscle Age Rejuvenation Program” in the world. We have two of the five MAT™ specialists in Tampa on our Team and 6 MAT™ Jump Start Specialists.

Muscle Age Rejuvenation

If you have stiffness, pain or fatigue in your joints or muscles or if lack of physical or emotional stamina is keeping you from doing the things you used to do, your Muscle Age is probably much higher than your chronological age.

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The Surprising Reason “Muscle Age Renewal” is the Personal Health Breakthrough You’ve Been Searching For

From the Desk of Kevin Votta
Author of “The Muscle Age Miracle” &
Founder of Fitness-Tek Training Studios

Dear Fitness Enthusiast,

Do you feel like no matter what the experts tell you about eating less food and exercising more, they’re still leaving something really important out?

Have you followed dozens of workout and diet programs to the letter, only get frustrated with yourself about your lack of results AND the fact that you’re completely miserable while following them?

Does it seem like no matter what diet book you read or what workout program you try, you’re still trapped inside a flabby, tired or out of shape body?

Most importantly, do you get the sneaky suspicion that while everyone says that age is slowing down your metabolism, lowering your energy level and causing all that pain and stiffness, there might be something else going on?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you’re not alone….and your intuition is probably more right than you realize.

This is because of a growing body of evidence which is quickly gaining credibility among a small select group of personal health enthusiasts. I’m not talking about sales people posing as personal trainers or medical doctors posing as talk show hosts either.

I’m talking about regular people who secretly suspect that there’s something wrong with the mainstream assumptions about aging, fat loss and their state of physical and emotional health.

I’m talking about an age-defying secret that’s so simple and so practical, it will literally revolutionize your health over the next 90 days. Possibly sooner. I’m just as sure of that as I’m sure that the sun is going to rise tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ve heard many promises like that, but if you’re willing to read what’s on the next two pages with an open mind, I’m 100% certain that this time will be different.

Here’s why…


The “Hidden in Plain” Sight Secret to a Healthier Lifestyle

You know those people who, even into their late 80s, enjoy healthy and active lives? The common assumption is that they’re “genetic freaks.”

That they’re either blessed with superhero metabolisms — or they’re paying a team of personal fitness and nutrition experts to follow them around 24 hours a day with a cattle prod, a bowl of leafy greens and a dozen bottles of mineral water.

The truth is, they simply know something the rest of us don’t know, and they use it to get results that ANYONE could get if they simply had the knowledge.

You see, knowing the secret to a leaner, stronger and more youthful body is like knowing the login credentials for someone’s Facebook account.

No matter who owns the account, no matter how old, young, thin, fat, popular or unpopular they are, if you have their login info, Facebook has to give you access.

Likewise, there’s a secret to having a leaner, stronger and more youthful body. Once you know this secret and start using it, it won’t matter how old, young, thin, fat, motivated or unmotivated you are.

Your body will HAVE TO respond.

Sure, genetics help it respond faster and more noticeably. No intelligent person will doubt that.

But YOUR body has its own built in systems, all of which respond to specific set of principles, all of which you’ll be introduced to when you start YOUR Muscle Age Renewal Journey by taking the Free Muscle Age Test on this page.

The first, and more important, of these principles has to do with the “age” of your second largest and most influential system in your body – your muscular system.

And this is the surprising and age-defying secret which you’ve probably been suspicious about all along…

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