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The Fitness-Tek Solution

Achieving Your Personal Training Goals

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The Fitness-Tek Studio

Fitness-Tek utilizes cutting edge fitness equipment combined with a private one on one setting to help you reach your goals in a safe and comfortable setting. The facility is set up with your comfort and your body’s long term care in mind. Personal Training has never been so comfortable!

Muscle Activation Technqiues
Master Level Specialist and MAT® Educator

Fitness-Tek is home to Tampa’s first and only MAT® Master Specialist. This distinction comes with years of advanced course work in MAT® and surrounding studies on biomechanics and physics.

Education Center

Not only is Kevin the only Master Level Specialist of MAT® in Tampa, but Fitness-Tek was also chosen as one of a only a few education hubs world wide. Kevin himself teaches the MAT® Jumpstart program to students that range in various medical backgrounds. Join the thousands of MD's, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapist, Chiropractors and many other medical professionals that have added this amazing tool to their tool box!

Truly customized personal training

In addition to MAT®(Muscle Activation Techniques), Fitness-Tek offers one on one personal training. The blending of MAT® with an advanced understanding of biomechanics gives Kevin the ability to work with clients through the entire exercise continuum. From those clients suffering from chronic pain that wish to feel better to top level athletes looking to gain a competitive edge.

What people are saying about fitness-tek lower back pain (which had been persistent for over 10 years) completely went away!
Back Pain
"I never thought I'd be at this point, but Kevin's diligence and knowledge has made my life much, much better. I can't thank him enough!"
Jeff Shields
"Could not be more impressed.Kevin who’s not a doctor, just a kickass personal trainer,has put them to shame. I couldn’t be more delighted."
Oliver A.
As a chiropractor, I feel confident referring my patients to Kevin.
Dr. Carrie
My Mom had been in a very bad car accident and was in so much pain for months until we finally convinced her to see Kevin. She was amazed!

Together we will...

From the very beginning of Fitness-Tek in 2007 our motto has always been, “Together we will…”. You, the client, get to choose what that will be. We are here to support you in whatever goal you choose: from losing weight to getting to the source of pain that has nagged you for years. We promise to keep your body's best interest in mind when creating a game plan for reaching your goal. What do you want to create together for your health and well-being?

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