Owner-Kevin Votta, Master Level Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and Master Personal Trainer

Head trainer and Expert in Greg Roskopf'S Muscle Activation Techniques Kevin Votta

Kevin and Kristin Votta are the owners of Fitness-Tek Personal Training Studios. Kevin Votta is Tampa’s first and only Master Level Muscle Activation Techniques™ Specialist. Fitness-Tek is proud to be a hub location for MAT™.

Education & Experience

Kevin has been a personal trainer for over 15 years and started his own company in 2007, Better Body Fitness. Kevin, became a MAT™ Specialist in 2009. Then in 2012, acquired Fitness-Tek. Kevin has been a Master Level MAT™ Specialist since 2015.

Kevin and the Fitness-Tek Team have grown the business to serve clients from all around Tampa Bay and beyond; some clients drive over two hours to be treated at Fitness-Tek. He attributes this to the great Fitness-Tek Team, striving for excellent customer service, and always wanting to learn more.

MAT Specialist Program

10 Month program with 8 3-day intensive weekends

MAT Jumpstart Program

Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Trunk and Spine

Master Level Specialist

Master Level – Trunk and Spine, Hand, Cervical Spine, Foot, Lower Body, Shoulder

Personal Trainer Certification


REsistance Training Specialist® Course

RTS123  Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Trunk and Spine
RTS Mastery Science 1  Musculoskeletal Mechanics

2019 MAT Rx Program Hand and Foot

In progress!

Kevin has been featured on the local TV news, a radio show, and in-print because of his ability to work with a wide array of clients. He has been able to help clients after chemotherapy, post-rehab, preparing for various athletic events, and those who want to increase their quality of life. He has helped players from the NFL, MLB, and professional golfers, tennis players, Olympians, Paraolympians, MMA fighters, ballroom dancers, and swimmers.

Leading Muscle Activation Techniques™ Training

Fitness-Tek is the MAT Community Development Hub for Western Florida

Kevin has taught personal training intensive courses including hands-on instruction for the Center for Neurosomatic Studies. Kevin loves teaching and feels he makes more of an impact in the health and fitness industry by instructing.

Head assistant for MAT Specialist Program FL 2015.
Instructor and host for MAT Jumpstart Program – two full programs
Instructor and host for MAT Specialist Program -Oct 2016 until Aug 2017

How we Started & Why

Kevin started his personal training career, in 2006, as a way to bridge a gap between house flips (in a rocky real estate market). It wasn't long after that he found his passion – helping people.

Having been a wrestler in high school, working out and taking care of his body was nothing new to Kevin. So combined with an interest in science – specifically physiology and health – becoming a personal trainer was a natural fit.

Within a few months of becoming a personal trainer at one of the largest box gym chains at the time, Kevin excelled to lead the club in sales and sold personal training sessions. Although it was an impressive accomplishment, his success also exposed one of the greatest flaws in the personal training world: good sales people - that know nothing about the body - can easily and legally work with an array of people. Yes, Kevin was one of those trainers and it did not become apparent to him until about 3 months into working at LFF.

He had sold a package to a young lady that was experiencing extreme back pain. She was desperate and had exhausted just about every modality and technique out there with little to no change in pain level. Personal training was one of her last options prior to surgery.

After 3 weeks of stretching and strengthening the areas in her body Kevin believed would heal her, nothing had changed. Not a thing! No increase in range of motion, no decrease in pain, and no increase in strength. Kevin was at a loss and reached out to a fellow trainer for guidance.

He suggested Muscle Activation Techniques. Kevin had never heard of it but was intrigued with the little the trainer told him to learn more. Kevin joined his client for her first session of MAT, and what he would see would change his life for the better.

Within 30 minutes of assessing and treating muscles for weakness - not tightness, but weakness - his client's pain was gone. Now this was pain that had her in tears 75% of the day… and it was gone! 

Kevin immediately got his hands on as much information as possible regarding the mechanics of how MAT®works, and he was hooked. No longer would he be a trainer that just over-promised what he could deliver, but instead a trainer that understood the science and the mechanics behind each and everything he did with his clients.

Within 3 months of that experience, Kevin enrolled in the Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist program a year long program that would give Kevin the basic training to become an MAT Specialist. Prior to beginning, he also completed four rather intensive courses to prepare him for what he would learn in the MAT Specialist Program. He completed and got certified as an MAT Jumpstart specialist and completed the series of RTS, Resistance Training Specialist, programs offered at that time.

Within 3 years from becoming a MAT® Kevin tested out to become a Master Level Specialist and one of only a handful of  instructor of Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques JumpStart Program.

What we are up to today

As of 2016 Kristin stepped down from Marketing Director and Trainer with Fitness-Tek. Kevin and the family could not be more excited for her! Not only did this give Kristin time to raise two little super humans, Annabella and Dylan, it also gave her time to focus on her passion; transformational coaching. Kevin and Kristin could not be more excited to have launched Votta Coaching and Consulting as of the end 2018. Votta Coaching and Consulting focuses on empowering their clients with the tools to make sustainable life changes. Falling right in line with our core values at Fitness-Tek. Kristin has a true gift for empowering people to live their life to their fullest. If interested in seeing exactly what she is up to and the programs she is offering you can do so at the link below.

Votta Coaching and Consulting
Votta Coaching Kristin Votta